Sunday, April 26, 2009

Fremantle Market...

Street performer in Fremantle, a suburb of Perth, painted all over in a copper color to make her look like a decorative statue. When a passerby puts a coin in this cowgirl's coffee can, she comes to life in robotic fashion.

Cam McAzie, the "Badpiper" was entertaining the crowd with his rock-n-roll/bagpipe riffs. This was his last street performance; he announced he had just signed with a rock band in Europe. I took the video below of this badass piper.

“A not-to-be-missed, one-man rock show that will leave you asking your mum if you can have another turn.”

– Rolling Stone magazine.


Greg said...

Hey Jeff, You've covered some ground...How long will you be in Perth? Is it as populated on the left coast? Where to from Perth? Flying or driving? Back to Penong? Enough questions?
Quite the look...punk rocker dude that plays the bagpipes...the video was fun to listen to...
It was a beautiful spring day here...70's and warm, almost muggy. Had the chainsaw out...working on next winters wood pile. No bugs yet! Take care, Greg

Muriel said...

Hi Jeff
Cam Mcazie the Badpiper is quite the sight to behold!! The videos
are very colorful!
That's alot of driving you have done Jeff!I gather you are on your way back to Sydney? We're keeping
close tabs on you! :)

Marcy said...

Hi Jeff,

Well, I just spent the last 20 minutes catching up with you! I had had my computer re-imaged and lost the link to your blog. What awesome pics of your stint at the zoo and animal hospital. Keith and I loved the tiger photos, especially. Good job figuring out how to think in "metrics" to estimate your driving time.
Will you be posting an updated map to show us your journey?
Love, Marcy and Keith and Sam