Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Sydney, Darling Harbor


Lisa said...

Hi Wepp--

Great pictures of Sydney. Is it a working harbor, I mean with fishing industry and all? I wish I was there--the famous sites you know like the Harbor Bridge and the Opera House we've seen so much in pictures. I liked the close up pictures of the roof (in your slideshow.)

What's the draw to Perth? Are you hooking up with Cindy then heading that direction?

We love you and miss you...when are you coming home?

Would it be OK if we hire a baby sitter for the kids, then take your van around the corner and go parking? Tom came up with the idea--what do you think? :)

Love, your lil sis.
Lise xoxoxoxoxoxo

JPT said...

Hey Lise...

I like Tom's thinking... He's got a great idea; I think you should go with it. (You're welcome, Tom :-) )

No fishing boats that I'm aware of... but lots of boat traffic. Even cruise ships dock at the pier. Sydney's harbor has lots of 'nooks and crannies' which makes it so beautiful.

Perth? Just decided to drive there to see the country; it's a good deal since I'm delivering (relocating) a van for a leasing company. Vehicle is basically free so it's the cost of gas to get there. And yes, Cindy and her family live on the way... so I'll get a quick overnight with them. I guess I need a road trip?!?

Not sure if I'm coming back until August...?
Love, Vegemite.
Love you too... :-)