Saturday, April 18, 2009

Sydney (and Me)...

TITLE: "Harbour Bridge with Ubiquitous Tourist"

TITLE: "What does this little button do again?"

TITLE: "3 for $6"

TITLE: "Modern Art that's... well... um... modern?!?"

TITLE: "Ubiquitous Tourist (again) with a View."

Thanks to my Sydney guide, Sharleen, for the great tour and awesome pics of the city.

I promise, I will listen to you next time and... "Get out of the way!!"


Anonymous said...

Jeff...those are fabulous pictures of you. Truly. You look so relaxed. I'm jealous. You must be so happy you took this leap of faith. I know it was a "little" scary in the beginning. How awesome...give me some of your courage and adventurous spirit...Lbo

Anonymous said...

Dad, is that a hot dog in your sushi roll?! Hmmm...

JPT said...

Haven't you ever heard of a sushi-dog?

Actually it's chicken. Teriyaki chicken. That one was not for me... I had the one with avocado.

BTW... had the best Pho tonight... curry pho with seafood... but I'm not sure what the seafood was... some of it was squid and something else. Spicy and good!

xoxo :-)