Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Enroute to Ceduna

For several miles in distance I could see a dust cloud swirling on the horizon. I first I thought it must be a small twister or wind storm, but it remained consistant in size and location; maybe a farmer dragging a cultivator? (The soil is so dry, yet the grain farmers till and plant in anticipation of the coming rain.)

As I approached closer to the dust cloud, I realized the source: a genuine sheep drive, complete with ranch hands on horse back, (and a couple on Honda ATVs!) I asked one of the riders, as she drew near, where they were going... "To be sheared," she said. "Yippee aye ooh!" I replied. (O.K., I didn't really say that, but the thought was going through my head.)


Duhhh..... For almost three months, I've been doing kilometer to miles conversions in my head in order to calculate how long it's going to take me to get to a destination. I multiply the kms. by 6, move the decimal point and add a fudge factor of 2% of the resulting mile figure. Then I have to convert my speed, from kms./hr. to mi./hr.; then divide the miles per hour I'm traveling by the distance in miles to my destination.

Today, I had an epiphany... I don't HAVE to do the math. I just have to think in kilometers per hour instead of miles. So if it's 443 km. to Ceduna and I'm traveling 110 km/hr. it will take me four hours to get there! Brilliant, huh? (And, to think it only took me a short three months to figure this out...!)

Sunrise over Penong

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