Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Sulpher-crested Cockatoo... (Hello?)

Some little birds were making a bit too much noise... my friend here, is telling them, in 'longshoremen's terms,' to pipe down!

Every day after work, I stop by this sulpher-crested cockatoo's cage and say "hello!" He can say, 'hello;' but, I can't teach him to say it while I'm making eye contact with him. I've been trying at least once or twice a day for almost three weeks now. No fooling!!

I bring a piece of sweet potato, sit on the wooden bench in front of his outdoor cage, and get his attention with a 'hello!' He perks up, ruffles his feathers, bobs his head, comes closer to my side of the cage and sticks his head out so I can give him a scratch. All the while, I'm saying the 'trigger' word: 'hello!" He says nothing... not a peep. He can see that I have a treat for him, but no way... However, the second I turn my back to leave, he chirps "Hello" loud and clear! I've never seen him say it, but he'll say it everytime I turn my back.

I'm getting frusterated... I think he's mocking me. :-( (Or is he training me?!?) Did you know cockatoos have the mental capacity of a 2-3 year old child? And they can live to be 80-years old - it's like living with the 'terrible-twos' forever!

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