Thursday, April 23, 2009

"Can you hear me now...?"

McDonald's restaurants in Australia offer two hours of free Wi-Fi at all their locations; no purchase necessary. (That's perfect, because I spend about that much time checking emails and uploading pictures and posts to the blog, etc.)

But, for areas with no Macco's, I purchased a prepaided broadband (USB) stick for my computer. I can get online anywhere there's a Telstra cell signal. Now, I've given up looking for McD's and started looking for cell towers. They're easy to spot and the reception is amazing! (If only you could camp overnight at the tower... that would be sooooo 'high-speed!!')

Yes. This blog post was sent from the tower in the photo! Exciting stuff, huh? [I sure hope I get to Perth soon, a person can go crazy in the Middle of Nowhere... :-( ]

This is a portable, van-top, cell tower.... just watch for overhead lines!

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