Monday, April 13, 2009

Sydney Cityscapes...

More city pics:


Muriel said...

Hi Jeff
The Harbor Scapes and City Scapes
are so well framed and photographed. My favorite is the city black and white with just a couple of colors unbrealla
...However, I am missing the educationjal narratives that sometimes accompanies the photos!
Miss you

JPT said...

Mom... don't ya know...a picture speaks a thousand words?

I've got more that a dozen pictures of Sydney (don't forget to click on the link)... that's practically a book!!!

Yes, the narratives are missing of late... they take time to compose and I've been busy (and lazy.) There are many distractions in the city, ya know :-)

I leave Friday for a 4,000+ kilometer trip to Perth on the west coast... by car! I'll have a picture, and a story or two, I'm sure.

Love you Mom!