Friday, April 24, 2009

$.18 cents/km...

Distance from Sydney to Perth: 4,292 kilometers
Total cost of petrol: $772.56
Cost per kilometer: $.18/km
High/low cost per liter: $1.19 (Sydney) - $1.65 (Nullarbor Plain)
Average cost to fly from Sydney to Perth: $236
Cost for accommodations: $0
Days enroute: 7
Stops along the way: 1- Penong, SA
Speeding tickets: 0 (phew!)
Photos taken along the way: 429
Photos discarded: 381
Photos kept: 48
Favorite image: Morning walk with Billy
Worst meal along the way: Corn dog at a roadhouse in Norseman
Best meal: Fish tortillas at Cindy's
Most unusual wildlife: Wild emus and kangaroos

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