Saturday, April 18, 2009

4,110 Km... (Sydney to Perth)

Setset in South Australia.
I know it looks fake, but I only 'tweaked' it a tiny bit. Honestly. :-)

Are you familiar with the phrase: "... the middle of nowhere." *
Well, I should be there shortly after midday. :-)

After investigating travel options for getting to Penong, SA to visit my friend, Cindy, I contracted with a caravan rental company to deliver a hi-top van to Australia's west coast. I'm currently driving from Sydney to Perth. (In the States, it would be similar to driving from Atlanta, GA to San Diego, CA; only with more exotic 'road kill.') Use of the van is FREE, however, considering the cost of petrol ($1.22/liter,) I'm not sure if driving is advantageous to flying. At least I'm getting an up close and personal view of the outback!

I've got nine days to make the 4,000+ km trip. It should take me four or five days to reach Perth; that leaves me several days to visit Penong, population: 215! (A suburb of ... "the Middle of Nowhere.")

I wonder if my AAA Emergency Road Service membership covers me in Australia?!?

*Note to Abby:
"the-Middle-of-Nowhere" is exactly like "East-Poedunk-Yip-Yip" but with no people.

Wild emus foraging in a harvested grain field.


Lisa said...

Beautiful pics, look great and relaxed...but you can't possibly be relaxed in the middle of nowhere...which is where you must be by now or is it "East Poedunk Yip-Yip?" (Hi Abby!) And all that driving that you have to do. Wow!

Enjoy your drive and your visit with Cindy. Keep sending those beautiful Australia pictures.

Did you really mean it when you said you might not be back until August? Sheesh! I need to know because I'll have to start talking to the kids about the fact that you won't be home soon. They miss you.

Stay safe.
Hi Bo!

Love you, Lise oxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox

Greg said...

Hi Jeff, Long time no comment. I am in a long and arduous stretch at the clinic. We are in the middle of spring vax and heartworm season and Bob and I are working nonstop to fill the void left by Denny. I am continuing to correspond with about a dozen vets, and we have had 5 visit the practice so far, with a 6th coming tomorrow and another the next day. It will probably be sometime in July before we can get someone on board...meanwhile we just have to plug away. Bob is taking the rest of the week off (school vacation) so I am by myself for the next week and a half...
It sounds like you are covering a lot of ground at the moment...nice pictures of Sydney...what did you think of the city?
Wow, Perth is out there. Do you notice any regional accents or colloquialisms as you travel across the country? Is the accent heavier in rural vs urban areas?
Photos are great....take care!

JPT said...

YES, I meant it when I said I might not be back until August.
There's way too much to see and do here. (I should have picked a smaller country to visit?!?)
Hang in there :-),

JPT said...


Your comment illustrates why I let you be the Vet while I'm the homeless vagabond. Too much stress.

My 'two-cents worth;' hire two vets and hit the road with me. I could use a co-pilot :-)

So far, I haven't noticed a difference in language or accent between regions. The differences are only noticable in the cities were there is obvious ethnic diversity.

I'll be in Perth for a couple of days... interested to compare with Sydney.

Take it easy... if you can.