Tuesday, March 3, 2009

What's up with this...?

I have, literally, a ‘picture-postcard’ campsite out on Inskip Point, just a few minutes from Rainbow beach. If my “Chubby Bunny” van were any closer to the water, it would wash away at high tide. The balmy, on-shore breezes keep the mosquitoes at bay and the gentle crashing of the surf lulls me to sleep at night. It couldn’t be more perfect!

Ah… well… except for the traffic. Yes, the traffic… of the vehicles… that use the beach... as a road! It is legal (but only advisable if you have a 4-wheel drive vehicle) to drive on the beaches in this part of Australia. In fact, you can travel for 50, 60, even 75 miles by way of the “beach” road.

The fine print? For reasons that should be obvious, it’s safest two hours before and after the low tide. All of the customary rules of the road apply. You must have a valid driver’s license; your vehicle must be registered and road-worthy; and the maximum speed allowed is 25 mph.

Still, it’s soooo non-sequitious (Is that even a word?), to be lounging on a quiet beach, thoughtfully reflecting on the panoramic majesty nature has created before you, only to have your view obstructed by a white, Toyota Land Cruiser, kicking up sand on its way into town to pick up some groceries. Hmmmm. :-(


Greg and Jayne said...

Hey Jeff! We (Jayne and me) are just sitting in the hotel lobby in Athens checking on the weather and thought we'd check in on your blog. We have ony 15 minutes tho so can't take long. We have had a wonderful trip so far. Rome was spectacular.... saw all the sights, and it so happens we were in St. Peters Square at noon on
sunday when Pope Benedict opens his apartment window to bless the pilgrims...that was awesome....took a video. Hilary is in school this week here in Athens so we have been seeeing the sights...Acropolis, Parthenon, etc...Our hotel is in the Plaka (oldest) section of Athens, where we can look down one end of the street and see the Temple of Zeus finished by the roman emperor Hadrian @ 160 AD, and look up to the Acropolis on the other end. We sail to 3 Greek islands this weekend. Otherwise, Hilary and her 3 roommates are great...we will be treating them to a meal at their fvorite taverna tonite....Anyway, take care,talk to you when we get back home on Monday the 9th. Hi to everyone!
Greg and Jayne

JPT said...

What a coincidence, Greg... all of those places are on my list of sites to see as well. And to think, I could have just gone with you and Jayne... Next time, go ahead and invite me!

I look forward to a full report (with pics) when you get back. Take it easy.
Your favorite brother!