Monday, March 16, 2009

Travelled so far...

Click on the map to enlarge the image.

This Google Earth map gives a quick visual of where I've been so far. I've been in Australia for about six weeks and have another six weeks before my travel visa expires. I had anticipated being further south on the east coast at this point, but I've been enjoying my time in the smaller towns and at the beaches along the way.

I've travelled as far south as the Australia Zoo in Beerwah, (my last blog post.) I noticed on the Zoo's website that volunteer positions are available, so I applied. I completed the application, submitted my resume and met with a staff member for an interview. I was accepted for a 5-day committment and I start on Wednesday (18th)! I am really looking forward to participating. I'm not sure what I will be doing yet, but I welcome the opportunity to experience 'zoo life' from an insiders (zookeepers' and animals') perspective. I'll report more about it.

I've also marked the location of my friend, Cindy and her family's home on the map. They live in South Australia in a very small town called Penong. Cindy is an artist (glass and silver) that I met in my glass bead class at Haystack Mountain School of Crafts on Deer Isle, ME last summer. I'm planning to visit her while I'm in Australia... but at the rate I'm travelling... it maybe later than sooner :-)


Anonymous said...

JP, I need to find a way to get on your highway...mine isn't leading me anywhere. :( Picked up any poop yet? ;) The weather is starting to break here and I am able to get out and walk most days. I'm almost ready to get on my bike...well, actually I could have done that by now but I'm too lazy to get it ready for a ride. I think I'm headed into my own midlife crisis...hmm...let's see...where on the globe would I like to roam??? Let's meet up in Helsinki. Bobinnie

Greg said...

Sounds like fun, Jeff. I'll be curious to see what you do at the zoo. Hopefully you'll have some animal contact and not just cleaning latrines or selling souvenirs, etc!

Hi Martine! Thanks for your definition of fricasse. If it means tossed around leftovers, then I must be a frickin fricasse expert, 'cause I've had lots of that...!