Sunday, March 22, 2009

Truth in advertising...

Two of my buddies at the Landsbourgh Pines Park where I'm staying.

It's just as they say on the Travelocity commercials:
"Gnomes never roam alone!"

Or is it... "Gnomes never roam far from home?"; which wouldn't make sense for a website promoting global travel?"

It must be: "You're never alone when you roam far from home and bring two extremely heavy, poorly-painted, concrete gnomes with you; one older and wiser with a grey beard and the other slightly shorter and younger, full of 'piss and vinegar;' to help with the luggage."

Yeah... I think that's what the Travelocity ad says...?!?

Can you tell it's my day off from the Zoo?
(I get Monday and Tuesday off, then I'm on for another five-day stretch. I took a peek at the schedule and I meet the Big Cats and the Reptiles next week!)

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