Sunday, March 8, 2009

Mea culpa...

To my blog readers... sorry, I goofed. I said in a previous post that "Brekky" (breakfast) at Hungry Jack's starts at 6 am; actually, it starts at 5 am. I'm not sure who's on the road at 5 am; (Hopefully they're awake behind the wheel!) But, isn't it nice to know they have a place to stop and get what they need to keep them going?

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Note: If you're adding comments to the blog, and don't see them published; it's because I didn't get them. I know a few people have had difficulty leaving comments... I'm not sure why that is. I'll post a comment below myself and see what the process is. You can always reach me at:

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I'm in Noosa for a couple of days, then going back to Inskip Point (Rainbow Beach) for one last stay. There's a cyclone hitting the coast and moving south at the moment, hopefully it will not be too severe. They have issued high seas and strong wind warning for the next 24-48hrs. (I'm safe on high ground. :-) )

Will post in a few days.


Anonymous said...

Test from royalpro server...

JPT said...

To add the comment above...

I typed the comment In the "Leave your comment" box.

Then typed in the "Word Verification" as displayed.

Under "Choose an identity" I selected "Anonymous"

Then click "Publish Your Comment"

That should work... Don't forget to sign your comment, otherwise you really will be anonymous :-)
(Try it this way, Mom.)
xo Jeff

Anonymous said...

You better be safe on high ground, mister. I don't want you getting all brave and facing that cyclone (although, wouldn't that be the source of some amazing photography.... hey, don't get any ideas....)

Love you. BE SAFE. Bee.

JPT said...

Hi Miss Bee...

I feel like I'm due for a really good picture any day now. The cyclone has been downgraded and is mostly a lot of rain. That's good. I'm staying in Noosa for another night. It's too wet to travel back to Rainbow Beach. Maybe tomorrow.

There are a couple of backpackers from Dublin, Ireland (Liam & Lorraine) staying next to my campsite. They're in a tent (too bad :-() So I took them with me to the shopping mall today to kill a few hours. We got coffee and donuts, new sunglasses, a new phone and a wireless broadband card for my laptop. I'm tired of being "nickle 'n dimed" for internet access. (I rather just be hit over the head all at once!)

I lost my Maui Jim's in the surf at Alexandria Beach yesterday. Darn. The same thing happened to me in Hawaii, a big wavy just pounded me into the surf and stole my glasses. You'd think I'd learn. (Or not!) Anyway, I think I'll get a Croakies with this pair. That way if they come off, at least they'll float away and I'll never find them; instead of just sinking to the bottom.

Hope all is going well at work...
Luv U! XO