Monday, March 9, 2009

Meet the neighbors...

A few of the neighbors keeping me company on the beach...

Upper left: Shy Hermit Crab; in his 'borrowed' home.
Upper right: Ubiquitous Bush Turkey; as common as Mozzies.
Lower left: Laughing Kookaburra; a carnivorous kingfisher.
Lower right: Smiling Jai; in bathtime habitat.

Australian-style "Damper"

Around the campfire one afternoon, my neighbors were telling me about cooking 'damper' in a camp oven, (a cast-iron, Dutch oven,) over the hardwood coals. I said I had never heard of damper and Wendy offered to make one so I could sample. Neighbor, Carrie, decided to try her hand at making the rustic, settlers bread which is made with self-raising flour, beer and whatever else you want to put in it. The one pictured about is Carrie's loaf, which included mushrooms, onions and other spices. Wendy's savory cake included garlic, cheese and spices.

Having a virgin palate regarding this Aussie 'bush tucker', I volunteered as informal judge. I had several pieces of both recipies and, in the interest of diplomacy, affirmed them both 'winners!"


Anonymous said...

Hmm...and did your lovely chefs know that you likely could not taste either??? ;-)

Anonymous said...

OH are looking really thin (maybe someone should make you dutch over/campfire style chocolate chip cookies)...and it's time for a haircut...or in the least some french braids with little blue bows. lol

JPT said...

How could you even suggest such a silly thing as "little blue bows" in my hair... (you know yellow is my color!) And, I almost had it cut yesterday when I was at the shopping center. $11 bucks... ($8 USD)... I paused in front of the shop for a good minute, then decided, "What's one more day..."

(Clearly, my angling skills can't be counted on to sustain me...) so I broke-down yesterday and had two cinnamon-sugar donuts with my coffee... Gotta keep up my strength ya know. :-)

Greg said...

HI Jeff, Got back home last night about 9pm after a 24 hour travel's nice to be back home but, truth be told, I'd prefer to be back on the road again. Travelling to other parts of the world is a real should try it some time... :)

Just got caught up on your blog...I hadn't read any of your entries in March. It seems you've been staying up/out late (turtles), bumming rides (parasailing), and complaining about the mozzies in Oz and the utes on your beach. Well, can't help you out with any of that, but geez man, what's up with the fishing??? First of all, a REAL fisherman never, I repeat, NEVER admits to not catching fish....ok?...that's rule number one. Rule number two...always...ahhhh...well, I think there's only really one rule us fishermen really ever need. There you go...So next time you tell your buds you're "going fishing" (wink wink), just stop by the fish market at the end of your six-pack... ah, I mean, at the end of your day, pick out your trophy and parade on by your fishin' buddies on your way to the barbie. Trust me, you will earn their utmost respect as you fade into the sunset amidst the chorus of 'oooh's and 'ahhhh's and 'attaboy's. No worries!

And Lise, The meaning of fricasse geez, got to look it up again...

Hi to everyone, Greg

JPT said...

Welcome back, Greg... thanks for the fishing advice. :-) The cyclone has put a "damper" on the fishing for now. But I'm not giving up. Tonight I'm having curry tuna (from a can) with carrots and brown rice. Not bad actually.

Spend the day at the Australia Zoo today... will post pics later.

Take it easy.

Martine said...

Greg, excellent fishing tips. Seward/martine