Wednesday, March 25, 2009

This blog is for Will...

This is Grotty, a Southern Australia Wombat.
The sneakers belong to Kristen, I'm not sure where she's from.

Hi, Boo... Uncle Jeff took a couple of pictures for you. These are pictures of a Southern Wombat going for a walk. Her name is Grotty. Do you see what I mean when I say she looks like a very large guinea pig? Don't you think so? Anyway, she doesn't walk very fast and she stops to smell everything. I think she's kinda cute... :-)
Bye, William!

Oh, wait, I forgot to tell you, I have a really cool picture of a spider for you too. It's at the bottom of this blog. I made the picture really little so Mom doesn't get too scared. If you click on the picture, you'll see a bigger picture and you can see that the spider has many eyes!!! I think, maybe eight?
Bye, Uncle Jeff!

Grotty is saying Hi to one of the other zookeepers.

Zookeeper Kristen and cute wombat, Grotty.

Warning: Spider Picture Below.

Warning: Spider Picture Below.
Stop here if you are scared!

Warning: Spider Picture is right here:
OK, you've come this far... just 'click' on the picture to make it bigger!
How many eyes do you think she has?

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Lisa said...

Hi Wep--

Oh boy, did William love his blog and the picture of the spider of course. Equally as ugly as the other one. William counted the eyes...I don't remember the final number but according to William those little "dots" on the spider's back are eyes too!

Sadie could only view the picture "small size" and only from far away...while she was sitting in the chair and I flashed it to her from the couch. Even then she let out a scream. Tom rolled his eyes.

All of us are enjoying the pictures of all of the animals. The walking wambat definitely is a first for me but by the way you described it, with all the smelling it does, it doesn't do much walking and the leash is NOT for keeping it from "running" away but rather to drag it along!

Very brave of you to get so close to Teela. While I would hate the smell of her breath, I think it would be cool to get that close.

I'm happy to hear that you got Greg a hat, sheesh, all right already...he's so jealous!

Love you and miss you! Weather here is fine; the pool solar heating is on and it's warming up for when you come back!

Love, Lise oxoxoxoxoxoox