Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Alexandria Beach, Noosa

Alexandria Bay Beach is located in the Noosa National Park. It's a 2.3 km hike to the beach, so it is less visited than the other two beaches in Noosa - Sunshine Beach and Main Beach. Today, I had the beach almost to myself.
It wasn't long before the clouds cleared.

Please, keep all jealous comments about my straw hat to yourselves.
It's approved Aussie headwear for the beach and it was a mere
$5.99 ($4.20 US) at K-Mart!

The water is actually clean and clear, but the surf is strong and it stirs up the sandy bottom as it comes in to shore, making part of the waves appear brown.


Lisa said...

Hi Jeff--

The surf and beach look awesopme! Did you even dare go into the water? Looks as though you would be swept out to sea rather easily.

Your stint at the zoo sure is jam packed with new experiences; the kids are loving all of the photos of the animals. Thanks for the "cute and cuddly" Koala bear--it really steals the show in my book. "Just look cute and cuddly boys, cute and cuddly"--line said by the skipper penguin in Madagascar.

Tom says: what's with the stumps that those gnomes are sitting on?

The kids miss you and want you to know that we now have the Wii Fit. It'sa lot of fun and of course you are still one of our Mii people so you keep showing up in various activities that we do. the kids say "hey, there's uncle Jeff!"

WE love and miss you and enjoy your blog immensely.

Love, Lise, Tom, Sadie, and Will xoxoxoxoxoxox

JPT said...

Hey Lise...

Tell Tom the gnomes are resting on tree stumps because they get off work right after their 'smoko' (Aussie for 'break') at 10am. The rest of the day they sit around and people-watch... making funny comments about everyone that passes by. (I've applied for a volunteer position working with them! :-))

Yes, I went in for a dip at the beach. You do have to be careful with the undertow, but I don't go out that far. The water goes from knee-deep, to belly-button-deep with every seventh wave! Alexandria Beach is not accessible by car; there are no life guards, so I'm very careful.

I'm due at the zoo in an hour... five more days of volunteer work, then I'll travel south...

Watch the blog... love you, too.

Greg said...

HAHAHA!! Look at that hat!! There is NO WAY I can keep comments to myself about that hat. What's happened to you?? Here I have been building this image of you this past week at the zoo...JPThibs -UberYankeeCrocodile Hunter...wrestling salties and freshies with his bare hands, etc etc etc. Why, everyone at the clinic has been duly impressed with your antics... and quite frankly, I believe my staff has been treating me a little nicer (and sometimes they actually listen to me...a little)...but now THIS! Geez, you could at least wear a bandana under the hat, you know, just to save face. For all we know you're wearing sandals with white socks as well! Sheesh...at least you took the floaties off before you took the picture! It's fortunate you have more time scheduled at the zoo this week...you can attempt to redeem yourself...!

JPT said...

Isn't it interesting how you can always tell when someone is just green with envy... they always start off their comments with HAHAHA!! It's a dead giveaway.

It's OK, Greg, you don't have to ask, I will get one just like it for you, too. But after that, pleeeeease stop trying to be just like me!

Everyone wears a hat in Australia... (And yes, many look like Crocodile Dundee's hat!) Even the elementary school kids have sun hats to match their uniforms. I'm told they are required to wear them outside while at school. They're serious about sun protection here in AU.
The road crews all wear longsleeve, safety green shirts when on duty... even on the really hot days!

Greg, I'm getting you one with pink flamingos on a woven band around the top... I hope that's OK?

Greg said...

WAIT!...They make them with pink flamingoes??? Hmmmmmmm....can you get me two???

Martin said...

Jeff....if they come with pink flamingos....can you send one to Mem??? You know how she likes flamigos!!

Muriel said...

wait a minute!!! You are on my "turf" I'm the Flamingo person ..remeber ..pink laptop..pink cellphone ...flmingo jewelry ..etc!

You do look just great in your "vollie" uniform Jeff! Love getting the description of the animals ..Enjoy
Miss you and Lovee you

JPT said...

I'm pretty sure the 'pink flamingo' theme is a Florida original... however, if I should happen to see any straw hats with pink flamingo bands... you can be sure you're all getting one for Christmas!