Sunday, March 29, 2009

This blog is for Sadie...

Hello Miss Sadie... today was my last day volunteering at the zoo. :-(
I was assigned to help the 'big cats' department! My job wasn't very fancy. I did raking in the morning. Then I cleaned all the dishes from the tiger's morning feeding. There are eleven tigers in all; four adults and seven cubs. (But the cubs are as big as the adults!) The largest cub weights 300 lbs., and he's only two years old.

After that we had to prepare their food for tomorrow. Each tiger gets a certain amount of food depending on their size. The tigers get meat for their dinner. In the afternoon there was a demonstration with six of the tiger cubs playing together... chasing toys and jumping in the pool.
It's a good workout and afterwards they're ready for a nap! (See picture above.)

I was not able to get close to the tigers because it takes a couple of months for them to get used to someone new. But I did get to watch them outside the enclosure. I asked the zookeepers, (there are six zookeepers who take care of the tigers,) to take some pictures with my camera for me. They did a good job, didn't they!

Bye, Sadie!
Aren't you glad there are no scary spiders in this blog?!?
Only cute tigers. Click on the pictures to make them bigger and cuter!


Lisa said...

Thank you soooo much Uncle Jeff!!!! I miss you and love you!!!

Lisa said...

Hi Jeff--

I think the kangaroos are quite cute. I imagine they are hard to keep track of because they must be pretty fast. What amazed me though was the age of the turtles--wow! I followed the link to the article on the oldest turtle ever. Hard to believe she was born in 1830 and just died a few yeara ago! Yikes!

The kids are enjoying all of the animal pictures and Sadie just saw her blog. Tigers are definitely for her. When I told her come look at YOUR blog from Uncle Jeff she thought maybe you'd sent her a picture of another big spider! By the way, can you please not get too close to those icky things? I think some of them are venomous and poisonous!

Boy, now that you are ending your stint at the zoo what are you gonna do. Do you plan to high tail it south? Isn't the Australian summer nearly over by now? Cause the temps here sure are beginning to heat up. Although not today--a very strong and chilly north wind kept us sunny but cool and in the 60's.

Love you! Miss you. Lise xoxoxxo

JPT said...

You're welcome, Sadie! I thought you'd prefer tigers to bugs. :-)

I think the lemurs would have been totally for you; (Although they don't say; "We've got the people!") I didn't get to spend any time with them, but they are supposed to be very friendly... climbing all over you! Maybe next time. :-)

xoxo Uncle Jeff (Orange shirt and glasses - Mii guy - you'll see me hanging around the bowling lanes!)

JPT said...

Wasn't the debate about whether Charles Darwin had picked up Harriet on one of his trips interesting. It said that with DNA testing, they could tell that Harriet was from one of the islands that Darwin did NOT visit; but I read another account about how he picked up three tortoises that were a few years old from another location and it could indeed be that Harriet was one of them.

In any case, 175 years old is amazing. If you go to Wikipedia (sp?) and type in Harriet tortoise and look at the first five references that come up. It talks about Darwin's travels. I love the tortoises. To think that you can just hug, caress and even kiss such a huge reptile... and they enjoy it!

I'm in Brisbane today, I went to the Immigration Office to apply for an extention to my Visa. I'll get another three months. The other choice was to fly to New Zealand for a week, then come back, but it was less expensive to extent, than to travel. I don't think I'll need another three months, but I didn't want to have to worry about visa expiring.

I think I'd like to go back to the zoo for another week of volunteering in the animal hospital. They see 10,000 animals a year! Many don't make it so the volunteers who have worked there say it can be pretty sad. There are many, many koalas that have been hit by vehicles or attacked by dogs, etc. But I would get a lot of hands-on with the animals as they all need special attention and there are only so many staff. We'll see...

Let me know when the temperature in the pool reaches 85 degrees, then it may be time for a visit. You're right, it's getting cooler here. 80s during the day, 60s at night.

Love you, talk to you later.... :-)

Florence said...

I absolutely LOVE the tigers!!! The top & bottom pics are my favorite ones. Especially the bottom pic! What a great experience this has been for you. Hope you get to continue! Enjoying the Blog tremendously and I pass it along to people who ask about you all the time! Have fun! :-)