Thursday, March 5, 2009

A Fish(less) Story…

A few of the beach boys...

All the ‘reel’ guys camping at Inskip Point have fishing rods…
So, I decided, “I need a fishing rod, too!”

The 12-foot, cherry-red (with stylish black accents), light-action fiberglass “Fish Hunter II” surf rod with it’s Jarvis Walker 750, 4.1-1 gear ratio ball bearing system and .35 mm, 15-lb. high-tensile strength monofilament line is worth every cent of the $69.95 it cost me at Rainbow Beach Bait & Tackle. Yes siree, Mr. Man!

Couple that with a tempered steel fillet knife (from Japan, of course; including rubberized custom sheath with handy belt loop,) and a bag of IQF (individually quick frozen) Prawns and I’m off the porch and running with the big dogs!

The only problem is; I’m not sure where I’m going?!?

A fishing buddy nets some "hardie" bait for us to use.

I’ve been casting in ankle-deep, knee-deep and waist-deep surf for two days straight. High-tide, low-tide, slack-tide… at dawn and at dusk; fishing with prawns as bait, “hardies” (fresh and day-old) as bait; mud bugs, soldier crabs, cheddar cheese cubes, even Spaghetti-O’s with Meatballs as bait, and NO luck :-(.

I wonder how tasty our minnow bait would be?

I’ve tried three sizes and styles of hooks; two different shapes of lead weights; some brass swivels, some black-colored brass swivels and even some small, multi-colored rubber beads that are guaranteed to “Drive any fish in the ocean crazy!,” – it’s like a “Mardi Gras” buffet at the end of my line and still NO nibble :-( .*
*Where’s Ron Popeil with his ‘Pocket Fisherman’ when you need him?

I’ve heard it said that a true fisherman enjoys the pure sport of fishing, regardless of whether or not he catches any fish. Yeah, right… I’ll bet that’s the same fisherman whose camping gear includes a 30-pack of BUD Lite! As for me, I would savor a good fish feed.

* * *

So it’s Day Three and I reek of rancid bait. I’m on my second tube of SPF 60 sun screen and I can play ‘connect the dots’ with the mozzie bites on my legs; finding half the constellations in the southern hemisphere, (including the Southern Cross, the Big Sauce Pan and the Little Sauce Pan) – I’m getting desperate. For those of you with fond memories of Pep’s annual fishing trip with us ‘boys;’ you’ll appreciate how dire my situation is when I say, “I’m even ready to try a little… (Dare I admit it?) ...Spray-on Bait Lure!!!

Crossing my fingers…. JP :-)


Lisa said...

Wow Wep--

This goes back to my comment about your kite-flying in Oregon...

"Give it Up!!!"

I mean, don't they serve up a good fish feed you can savor at a local restaurant?!

[Love the pics!]

Miss you, Love you, Lise xoxoxoxo

JPT said...

Well... yes, Lise, you are correct.
They make a great 'fish & chips' in town... but that's not the point. That's what guys who can't fish do; they go to town and buy it. In the wilderness (it's a guy-thing, and tough concept..) but real men hunt and gather their food. Ya see?
Love, your favorite brother!
(Greg, don't read this.)
By the way... with the money I've spent on bait, tackle, ice, sunscreen, etc, etc. I could have been eating sushi-grade, Ahi Tuna all week. Don't tell Mom how ridiculous I've been, O.K., Lise?

Greg said...

Your secret's safe with me...I didn't read anything yet.

Sitting in the lobby of the AVA hotel in the Plaka area of Athens again...went on a three island cruise yesterday (Poros,Hydra,Aegina) and we are about to walk Hilary to the Benaki museum for a class she has today...(yes, sometimes they have field trips/classes on Sundays). We leave the hotel at 3:30 am for our 6am flight tomorrow :(

I was also given the task of looking up two items on Google by Jayne and Hilary....who won the best actor oscar....and what is the meaning of fricasse.

Will catch up on your blog when I get back home, Jeff. Hi to everyone. My 15 minutes are up! Greg

Lisa said...

Yes, well, Wep, your secret's safe with me too and I've read everything.

Sean Penn won best actor, totally deserving of it say many. The Oscars were great. Doesn't Fricasse mean everything is fried--deep fried like from the South. Please tell us when you find out, Greg.

Jeff, I wouldn't want you to be anything but a real man (a skinny one at that) so do what you must.

Just be sure to hunker down, a cyclone, sheesh...please let us know you are safe and sound whenever you realize that you are!

P.S. I don't tell Mom and Dad anything!! :)

love you, Lise xoxoxoxoxo

Martine said...

I'm laughing so hard I'm reading through a merky prism of tears. You sure know how to spin a tail, my man.

Martine said...


Don't you remember from your French and one of the recipes in the Thibodeau Family Cookbook is Patate Fricasse? In fact, it was submitted by moi . . . The recipe went like this: leftover bitesize roast beef, leftover cooked potatoes from yesterday's pot roast, left over gravy or beef broth and the secret ingredient was the 3-4 TBS. of salt cured green onion tails. Put all ingredients in a large pan and heat. Our Moms all cooked this (as did Memere). Sorry . . . sure you got more then you bargained for when you inquired of the meaning of "fricasse". I think it just means tossed around left-overs.