Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Australian Butterfly Sanctuary

I should be packing my bags, but... I decided to take the local bus to the village of Kuranda and visit the Australian Butterfly Sanctuary, where, since 1987, they have been hand-raising more than 23,000 butterflies each year. The sanctuary offers tours of their nursery labs and aviary - with over 1,500 butterflies in the aviary at any one time, it's the next best thing to joining the annual Monarch migration to Mexico!

I was wearing a bright red shirt and quickly learned it was a favourite color of the Ulysses Butterfly as they were continuously fluttering up to me in 'high floral hopes', (or perhaps to witness such a fashion faux-pas?) At times, I had as many as three of these, large, beautiful neon-blue butterflies on my shoulders at one time. They are hand-raised and live in a safe environment and are accustomed to people, which affords an up-close look and a unique photo opportunity.

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