Saturday, August 1, 2009

Back in the USA!

Boeing 747-400 Longreach

Sharing the ride with 353 other passengers

Across the Pacific Ocean

The golden rolling hills of California


Anonymous said...

Hey JP...welcome home! My favorite pic of your journey is that little shot of you and William. :-) That just says it all! L

Gregory said...

Welcome back! How long was the flight? Left when and got in when (local time... did you gain a day?)? Glad to be back? Miss Australia yet?
Back-to-back summers...not bad!

JPT said...

I left Cairns at 5:30 am on Friday (31st), and flew to Brisbane, a two-hour flight. The 747 Longreach left Brisbane at 11 am and landed in LA at 7 am. So, the trip back to the States took only 1.5 hours according to the clock!

Yes, I gained a day... weird.

Am I glad to be back?... YES!
Do I miss Australia?... YES!
(As soon as you can take some time off, we'll go back for a visit.)

Back-to-back summers are just fine by me :-))