Thursday, August 13, 2009

Wind Power Row...

After thoughtful consultation with my niece, Sadie, ("Duh! Uncle Jeff. Why don't you just fly to Maine instead of driving 4,000 miles!") I've decided to fly to the east coast instead of driving cross-country for the upteenth time. (With the price of petrol averaging $3 a gallon, it's a $600 credit card tab to get from California to Maine. Thanks to Southwest Airlines, I can fly for $169 plus tax!) I'm soooo glad I... I mean Sadie, thought of this option. :-)

75-turbine Shiloh II wind farm near Suisun City

California Rte. 12, a 'short-cut' from Stockton (and Interstate 5) to Fairfield, drives past Enxco's 75-turbine wind farm. I took this route last night as I returned from my visit with Ben in San Diego. I suspect 'wind farms on the horizon' represent the future of our country's landscape?

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