Monday, August 10, 2009

Hotel Del Coronado

The cool 65-degree water temperature didn't draw Ben or I into the surf beyond our ankles; instead we opted for walking San Diego's iconic Coronado Beach and 'topping-off' our tans. The 120-year old Hotel Del Coronado (above) served as a 'not too shabby' backdrop for a couple of tourist photos!

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Lise said...

OK--I don't really care if Marilyn Monroe stayed there...did you hear about the ghost(s) that haunt the Coronado? Did you "see" them? Or what? It is supposed to be one of the most haunted places in the U.S......and you and Ben only spent time on the beach?

Love the photos...feel like I am there. We miss you here...the kids want to know when you are coming back (Tom bought more BV wine!) And Tom says that there is a computer battery in the guest room? What up dude? (Oops, I almost wrote "dud" instead of "dude" which could still apply right?)

Where are you?... SD is supposed to be really great so I think you could be there for a while.

We love you and miss you! The pool temp this evening is 96 degrees...Duh, like you gotta get back here! Besides, you left your prescription Snorkeling mask! The warmest the water is going to get in SD is about 70 degrees!

Love, Lise (your favorite sister of course!) and Tom and Will and Sadie xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo