Saturday, July 25, 2009

Full Circle...

It seems like only yesterday I was online researching hostels in Cairns – “What about this one called Traveller’s Oasis; I wonder what it’s like?”

In the blink of an eye, six months have pasted and I have come full-circle on my Australian journey. I’m spending my remaining few days 'down under' where the journey began – at Travellers Oasis!

Virgin Blue flight DJ1429 touched down ahead of schedule last night and after a smooth, three-hour flight 40,000 feet above the east coast of the country, (during which time I watched the new, based on a true WWII story, Daniel Craig movie: Defiance), we landed in light rain to 70 degree temperatures. Winter temps in Cairns are temperate so bye-bye long jeans, hello shorts and Havaianas!

(Havaianas thongs are the iconic beach footwear of Australia. [Yes, I have a pair… in conservative brown.] They are extremely lightweight, incredibly comfortable and surprisingly durable. Did I mention their iconic status…? Check out this link to Havaiana Day 2009 in Noosa:

Tomorrow I board ‘Silverswift’ for a day of snorkeling and diving on Thetford, Pellowe and Flynn Reefs. Pics to follow…. J

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Gregory said...

Wow, full circle is right. You've covered some ground there Jeff! So it must feel a little like home coming back to the Oasis...a good way to transition out of your Great Walkabout in the land of Oz. I am truly amazed at the breadth of experiences you've far!