Monday, July 13, 2009

Nerves of Steel...

Did you know... for $200 and nerves of steel, you can climb the Sydney Harbour Bridge?

The climb takes about three hours and you climb to the very top of the bridge! (Aussies are serious about offering unique sightseeing tours for the city's visitors. :-) )

No, I haven't climbed it yet... but I'm considering it. Unfortunately, you can't bring any camera equipment with you... or any jewellery... or any loose item that could fall from the bridge!

Check out this stunning panorama from the top:
(click and move the mouse to view 360 degrees.)

"Click" on the photo above to enlarge...
You can see the row of climbers ascending the right arch of the bridge.


Lise said...


Stay off the Nut-Nut! (Or as they like to say in the movie "Giant Freak!")

I got the heebie-jeebies just looking at the 360 photo. That was cool but seriously, don't you think that's enough of a view? I'm really looking forrward to your return and feel an excursion to the top of the bridge is pure folly! EEK!

Yes, as others have said, I love your recent photos and postings. The pic of you is great too.

Plan on me picking you up in SF on the date and time fo your arrival--a perfect time of day to be travelling to the city and back.

I love you and miss you,

Your favorite sister, Lise (aka Deedee) xoxoxoxoxox

JPT said...

Hey Lise...

Did I forget to mention... you're totally straped-in on the bridge climb. (Or clipped-on... or somethink like that.) In any case, it's safe. I'm waiting for a completely clear day before I do it! But I won't blog about it.

Did I tell you I want to fly a Boeing 747?

Thanks for picking me up at the SF airport... :-) We'll talk before I leave AU.

Love you, too!
Your favorite brother.

Becky said...

I'm with Aunt Lisa on this one. But if you decide to climb the bridge you better come down the other side safely... you'll have a granddaughter who is expecting to meet you in August/September!
Love you!

JPT said...


This silly little 'bridge climb' adventure will be nothing compared to the excitement of 'rocking' the night away with my adorable granddaughter asleep in my arms! Can't wait to meet her... :-)!