Sunday, July 19, 2009

The Sydney Fish Market

Balmain Bug... a type of (clawless) slipper lobster, closely related to the rock lobster, is a popular, edible crustacean found in local fish markets.

Mud Crabs... considered to be among the tastiest of crab species, are relatively common in the northern states of Australia and generally prized above other seafood by the general public.

Salmon... heads for bait and soup stock

Giant Crabs... can weigh up to 15 kg. and are one of the largest crabs in the world.

Octopus... of all sizes


Gregory said...

I always enjoy looking at the seafood in the market...The balmain bugs need a new pr team. And how do you cook a giant crab? I've had octopus just once that I can's on my plate in the picture with me and Jayne eating lunch at an outdoor cafe in Athens.

JPT said...

Good question, Greg...
How do they cook those hugh crabs? You see them in many Asian restaurants in the city - but they're in holding tanks. I've never see one cooked. Oh, by the way, the price is $80 per kilo.
That means they can be $800 each? I don't get it, but then again I only saw six at the entire Sydney Fish Market. Must be a real delicacy.

I saw the most beautiful sushi-grade tuna, swordfish, needle-nose gar, cuddle fish, all types of reef fish, live abalone, prawns that were nine inches long... the list goes on and on. If it lives in the Pacific and is edible, you could find it on ice.

It's a wholesale market so the 'fish was a flyin'!