Friday, May 15, 2009

A Night at the Symphony...

The music program: "A Russian Tribute," featured music of Dmitri Shostakovich and Modest Mussorgsky, with Russian violinist, Sasha Rozhdestvensky as soloist. Sasha looked like he was in his mid-twenties; tall and slender, with a boyist face. As with many great musicians, he started playing at a very young age and has performed with all the major symphonies of the world. His playing was remarkable!

Interesting fact: Sasha's violin, "Haddock" was crafted in the northern Italian town of Cremona, in 1734 (275+ years old,) by Guarneri del GesĂș and is loaned to him by the Stradivari Society.


Martin said...


Your photography is so great. It makes one feel like "I'm right there!! Anxious to see you. Miss you.


Anonymous said...

JP-wow, you look awesome with your nifty haircut and new duds. You must have had a flock of women following you out of the symphony. Now all you need is a cutie pie in a little black dress on your arm. (That's the best accessory. lol)
L (smiley face)

Greg said...

Dude, Long time no comment! Comment ca vas? I actually sent you a comment about a week or so ago, but it looks like you didn't get it. Am enjoying your pictures and adventures. What type of art are you taking...water color? acrylics? sculpture? All of the above?
I have been overly busy here. It is the busy spring vax and heartworm season, and Bob and I are behind in our schedule, which has never happened before. I see patients about six days a week, then catch up on bills and paperwork on Sundays. We have not been a two vet practice for several years now, and with Denny retired it has put a strain on us to get thru. The good news...I have hired a new vet. The bad news...she only starts 3rd week of July, and she's just been in practice one year, so there will be a lot of hands on with her for a few months until she settles into our practice. It will probably some time this fall or winter before she feels comfortable enough being at the clinic by herself when Bob is off.
In other news...Jayne is opening up an office in Ellsworth, and her Mom is moving to Florida to be near Jayne's older sister Gloria. She will be flown down by air ambulance on Tues. It will be a relief for Jayne and Kathleen, and Gloria seems up for it, as does Beatrice.
Hilary got back from Greece at 3am last Monday, and had an absolutely wonderful experience there. As she says, they went to every church, museum, temple and archeologically significant area in the country, and she vacationed twice with friends on various Greek isles. Hilary's school has its own travel agent that arranges trips etc at very reduced student rates (as in paying $25/night vs $200/night in Santorini). She has just left for Burlinton, where she is taking a summer class for a few days, then returns home for 10 days while she finishes her class online. Then it's back to Burlington for the summer to work before her last year at St. Mike's.
Nick loves Myrtle Beach, is working hard (6 days a week) and has applied to an EMT program at the local tech school. It is a 5 semester program that finishes in less than 2 years. He is excited about it, and feels more motivated to do something practical vs just going to school for a liberal arts degree. We are all for it as it will give focus and purpose to his studies in a more concrete way.
Well, that's about it! The next break I have will be in about 2 weeks when I go fishing in RI with Tom and Mike. Then I hunker down until the Congres Mondial Acadien in August.
That's the news from here...take care Jeff!

JPT said...

Hi Lynn...

Sorry to report, despite my new 'duds'... the crowd was NOT following me out of the Opera House.

I did get dressed up for the performance, and, although clothes doesn't make the man, it does feel good to 'kick it up a notch.' :-)

Honestly, the Opera House is fairly casual and there were guests wearing everything from stylish denim to Armani. (Not that I would recognize an Armani.)

You're right about the 'little black dress' accessory... nothing completes an outfit better! Alas, however, it would appear that little black dresses are most attracted to Armani!

Oh well...

JPT said...

Hi Greg...

I did get your last note...

I didn't reply because I'm trying to assuage my conscience as I ponder the demands of your job and marvel at your unwavering commitment to your career; while I, in contrast, play the lead in "The Prodigal Son: An Aussie Adventure."

"G'd on ya, Mate!' Hang in there.


D.A. said...

Hi Jeff,

I have enjoyed looking at your pictures and blog. What a great adventure. I am reading "In A Sunburned Country" at the moment. Bill Bryson's adventures should just like the ones you are experiencing. Love Deb.

JPT said...

Hello Ms. Deb...

Thanks for the note... and for following my blog. I am having fun with the pictures. (They look so small to me on the blog, however; I keep thinking I should remind readers to "click on the pics to make them bigger." I guess everyone has figured that out. They look even better full screen.)

What takes time is writing a few poignant words. I don't want the blog to sound like a travelogue, but more of a commentary on my experiences. Anyway, some days I can write easily and other days, I struggle to compose a four word sentence.

While I'm in Sydney, I going to post on the weekends. I have some volunteer work for the next four weeks and I've got over six weeks of art class to go. So, I'm managing to keep out of trouble :-)

I also read some of Bill Bryson's book about Australia! (Then I downloaded it from, but haven't listened to it yet.) I've read his book "Into the Woods", about walking the Appalachian Trail. It was soooo funny! He's a good writer.

Take care, Deb!
Love, Jeff

Lisa said...

Hi Wep!--

Love all of the pics and all of the comments. It sounds like you are really enjoying your time right now. Going to the Opera House--Wow; it seems like such a great time. And remember, you don't have to be wearing Armani to attract the cute girls in lil black dresses.

Hey, have you brushed your teeth lately?? I mean really brushed them? I sure hope you've gotten the package by now, sheesh, if not, please let me know.

I love you and miss you. I'm glad that you post often enought for us to know that you are OK. And the pics are great--full screen especially.

Love, your favorite sister,
Lise xoxooxoxoxoxoxoxo

JPT said...

Hey Fav Sis...

Yes, I did get the two toothbrushes. I just got them last night. I had you send them to Sharleen and she was working in Melbourne last week so she brought them to me last night. I really missed my Sonic toothbrush, it's the best!

Oh... and thanks for giving me a half-dozen reasons to keep using it!!! The chocolate bars are perfect. Valrhona Le Noir Extra Dark 85%... you shouldn't have. (But I'm glad you did.)

Most chocolate I've been sampling lately has been way too sweet! You know how we have Hershey's Chocolate everywhere in the States? In AU, it's Cadbury's... I really feel sorry for the folks here... :-(

My post this weekend will be about my work at the American Chamber of Commerce and my art class at the Julian Ashton School. And maybe about waffles.

Love you, Lise!
Your fav. bro.