Thursday, May 28, 2009

Circular Quay waterfront...

I haven't posted in a couple of weeks... but I'm still here :-)
I have started working (volunteering) for the American Chamber of Commerce in Australia office and between cross-referencing their database of US companies doing business in Australia; and my drawing classes a couple of afternoons a week; I find I have less free time to 'roam' and explore the city.

I work in the heart of Sydney at The Rocks near the harbor. (The photo above is of part of the waterfront area.) The area is well designed, offering beautiful public spaces for strolling and relaxing. On a daily basis, there are street vendors and performers entertaining the crowds who come to sitesee and enjoy the waterfront. On weekends, there are street markets with all sorts of unusual craft items by local artisans.

Kleenex 'tissue tree' in First Fleet Park, Circular Quay

Interesting promotional displays (such as the one shown here by Kleenex,) are common along the Circular Quay waterfront walkway. This 'tree' is wrapped in white silk fabric and features silk flowers along with actual tissue samples on the tips of the branches. The display is Kleenex's unique way of introducing a new, 'soft as silk' tissue. The silk tree was on display for a week in First Fleet Park, where foot traffic is very high during the day. The event included a 'tissue team' handing out samples of their newest product - just in time for the cold and flu season!


Muriel said...

Hi Jeff,

Good to hear from you again! I think this "silk tissue tree is particularly interesting and very
creative, as are all your photos!
I am expecting a photo of the result of your art class at some point!! :)
Miss you big much! Mom

JPT said...

Hello Mem...
By the way... Did I mention I'm having my photos and blog notes (some of them, anyway) printed in book form? I'm using to produce it. It'll be about 60 pages... 13"x11". I'm almost done.

As far as my drawing classes... I don't actually finish any of my sketches. So I haven't been keeping them... Maybe I'll keep the last one I do. I've got another month of classes.

Have a good trip up north. Talk to you later.
Love you, Mom.