Friday, May 8, 2009

Night at the Opera (House)...

I went to the Opera House Theatre tonight to see a play and I had a chance to take a couple of night-time shots. The city is especially striking in the evening with its buildings illuminated.

An adaptation of The Nutcracker, by the Australian Ballet was playing this evening and the Opera House gift shop was decorated in a ballet theme. Next Friday evening, I'm going to see the Sydney Symphony perform in the Opera House Concert Hall. I am looking forward to it!

Every major city has a 'space needle', right? Here's Sydney's; and, yes, the top level is a revolving restaurant!

The Harbor Bridge


Lisa said...


I love the night shots...oh, and your new digs too. Very sophisticated. I didn't realize that when you rented a room, it was an empty room. The house is great though. I know it will be great seeing Sydney through your lens and we look forward to the next few months. Don't get your self into any trouble! The girls are cute, selma dn the girl with the feet too. I bet you just love it huh!

Today we celebrated William's 5th birthday! Can you believe it? We had a few little kids here, we went swimming, William got tons fo gifts too.

Love you and miss you, your favorite lil sister! (Don't tell Sparce!) Let me know when you get your toothbrush package OK??

Lise xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

JPT said...

Hey, Lise,

Thanks for sending the package. I'll let you know when it arrives.

(See my reply to Wayne's comment on the next post, about the market pics.)

The night pics of the city are fun. I'm getting better with my camera. I have been using it on automatic, but my friend, Sharleen, has a Canon as well and was showing me how to adjust the exposure on manual setting. Finally, I'm able to take pictures where I have more control. (It's nice to have a friend who reads the instruction manual. :-))

This week, I have art classes on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons; I'm going to play round-robin, doubles tennis on Wednesday; and attending the Symphony on Friday. I'm such a city-dweller, huh?

Happy Birthday to Mr. William :-)

Take it easy, honey.
Love you.