Friday, May 8, 2009

Paddington Market...

Cappuccino, Chrome & Baby Blue Jellies

Sunshine, Silver Bracelets & Selma


Wayne said...

Hey Jeff
You sure seem to be having a great time doing all this traveling and living like the locales. Great pics! Almost like being there. Not really :( I like the B&W's with some color. How do you do that?

Hello to everyone

Muriel said...

Hi Jeff
Nice to see you in place for a few months ..I like your 374 Moore Park Rd. address ...and the photos are really special ..How is the Art class? I'll bet the Opera House is especially beautiful ..Your posting on the blog really keeps me in touch with
you! Thanks
Miss you alot
Love Mom

JPT said...

Hey Wayne...

The two pics on this post were taken at a local, Saturday morning market around the corner from the house I'm staying at. The images were not composed in the camera; I was walking through the outdoor booths with my camera at my side, and I was clicking random angles.

When I reviewed what I had taken, there were a couple of shots that were interesting and I used Photoshop to convert parts of the image to black and white, while keeping the main focus in color.

This experiment supports my theory: that "even a monkey can take professional-looking photos." It's a numbers game; the more pics you take, the greater the likelihood that you've got an interesting one.

I shot hundreds of images at the market... only a couple were any good... (Actually, a monkey might have done better than me; but, does the monkey have a blog? So there... !!!)

Take it easy...


JPT said...

Hello Mom,

I love the Opera House... it's architecturally beautiful and it's the heart of music, dance, theatre and art in Sydney. Every evening there are several performances going on.

Last Friday I went to the premiere of a play by the Sydney Theatre Company, while there was an Indie Film Festival and a performance of the Nutcracker Ballet taking place at the same time.

The Opera House is a hive of activity and it's a great place to sit by the harbor, sip a glass of wine and people watch.

Friday, I'm attending a Sydney Symphony performance at the Opera Concert Hall. I think I need to dress up a bit, hmmmm.

Love you, Mom.


Anonymous said...

Hey was nice to talk with you...and I love those blue crocs. Where can I buy me a pair? L

JPT said...

Hey L... ebay is the place to buy all styles of jellies... or Goodwill. They're "retro" and probably get snatched up quickly :-)... so if you find any you should buy them. J