Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Travellers Oasis...

This photo doesn't do the hostel justice... it's really much larger in person!
Check out more photos of the Oasis at the link above :-)


Evenings at the hostile include preparing a simple meal in the communal kitchen or dining at one of the local eateries offering a “backpacker special.” When the rain begins, it’s a spirited game of “Texas Hold’em” by the pool and watching the raindrops bounce off the surface of the water.

I wish I could recall the betting strategy Abby, (19-yr.-old World Tour Poker expert,) shared with me before my departure. Was it… If I’m holding an Ace and King suited… go ‘all-in’ at the draw…? Or something like that? I should have paid closer attention. :-)

Kitchen... looks like someone is preparing sardines and brown rice.

A single room... Mine is not this messy of course! Oh, wait... this is mine :-(

Adventure mobile...


Anonymous said...

JP, I think you need Lise's cleaning lady...sheesh. :)
I'll bet the guy with the sardines and brown rice would appreciate a gourmet meal from a fellow resident. Or in the least...popcorn. ;0)

Greg said...

The Travellers Oasis looks more like a cool little hotel than a hostel...The adventure mobile looks like fun... who uses it? OK, so this is what I heard on the news today...Apparently, the state record for coldest temperature ever recorded was just broken. The old record was -48 degrees (all these temps are air temps, not factoring wind chill), recorded in 1925 in....Van Buren. That record was just broken. The new record low for the state ever is now -50, recorded recently in Big Black Rock, an uninhabited area in the very NW corner of Aroostook County near the Canadian border. Incidently, the record low for Mt. Washington in NH is "only" -47, but of course factoring in the wind chill drops that much lower. I must say, you picked a good winter to not be here....!

JPT said...

OK so the hostel does look like a little hotel... There are many hostels in Cairns. This one is quite in the evening and just a few streets from the roudy backpackers... You know kids today... they're so rude. After a couple of days it starts to feel like home. The staff here is excellent. They call everyone by their first name and know where you're from and where your going, etc. It gives the place a warm, personal feel. Today is my last day however... it's a van from here on. I'll post pics of my new digs later.
Sorry to hear it's sooooo cold, Greg, you should consider wintering in a warmer locale... :-)