Saturday, February 21, 2009

The sky (and a vivid imagination) is the limit...

I promise that I won't bore you with any more van photos... but I wanted you to see just a couple more. There are hundreds of vans like these examples. The can even be custom ordered. Say you want a van for a month or two and want a "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs" theme for the van (Yes, I have seen one!)... they'll hand paint (or I should say, repaint,) one just for you!

I'm sure I'm missing something... but, really, what's up with bunnies anyway?!? They're everywhere. It seems they're multipling like..., well...
At least these smart bunnies are wearing their seat beats :-)

Men Don't Listen.
Women Should Respect That
And Get Off Their Case.

Have you had enough?
Want to see a few more...?


Anonymous said...

Aww...the first one has such a sweet message. Will I have to stand in line for a hug? Bo

Lisa said...

Hi Jeff--
That is so wild about all of the buses...and they are strictly for "tourists" wanting to travel through Australia? That is really cool. Our whole family is enjoying all of your photos.

It sounds like you are enjoying the scuba diving and snorkeling too. We're looking forward to the underwater pictures when you get your camera.

As for us, all is well, still busy. Looks like William will get into Holy Spirit school; we had our interview today and it went great. Still raining which we need. I guess you took the nice weather with you when you left...Bo too.

Love you and miss you. Be careful!

xoxoxoxoxox Lise,Tom, Sadie, and Will xoxoxoxoxooxooxooxoxo