Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Jucy vs. Chubby Bunny... ?

The website says: Be Jucy. Live Jucy. Rent Jucy.
I decided I didn't want to ride around Australia in a lime green and purple 'Jucy' van... (of course the 'Cubby Bunny' is not much better, is it... hmmmm?!?)


Wayne said...

Personally I like the Chubby Bunny. Looks like you are having a great time and seeing some wonderful places. Run across Crocodile Dundee Yet?

JPT said...

Hey Wayne!
Yes, I'm having an awesome time. I'm also meeting so many great people... from all over. Today's friends are from Canada... Yesterday it was Switzerland and Germany. Lots of Brits here as well. Everyone's on holiday, with many people traveling for months! (Usually between jobs or school.)

By the way, I really do like my Chubby van. It's a Mitsubishi and I love the fact that it's like driving a bus... with me sitting over the wheels. Great view and good turning.

Take it easy! Hi to all

JPT said...

By the way... everyone here's a Croc Dundee... the hat and all!!

Anonymous said...

The tan looks great by the way, but you'd best remove your sunglasses from time to time or you are going to look like a racoon in reverse. :)