Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Ruby's Room


After... All new... from ceiling to floor!

When the home was originally built 35 years ago, the homeowners installed wallpaper in the room. Some years down the road they decided to remove the old paper and put up something contemporary ('contemporary' in the 'relative' sense...) When we started to remove the wallpaper we discovered that the bare sheetrock underneath had never been painted!! And, the two layers of wallpaper paste was stuck to the paper of the sheetrock. It was a big job to scrape and sand off as much as possible of the old wallpaper paste. Yeah, Scott!

The next step was to spackle the entire room, fixing dings and divots and countless nail holes, etc. The walls were not properly 'mudded' in 1975... the rationale being, they were covering the walls with busy, forgiving wallpaper! It took four 'coats' of drywall spackle to get the wall level enough to paint.

Painting was three layers... 1. BIN to seal the wall, 2. White Eggshell Finish Latex, and finally the light green final coat in the images below and above. The ceiling also received two coats of paint.

Finally, it was decided that we would not reinstall the dark stained window trim and baseboards, and chose to finish the room in new white trim. (We decided to keep the entry door original as all the doors off the first floor hallway are dark stain.)

Well... you can't have a new room without a new floor... can you? Scott and I (with a good deal from Marden's) installed a Pergo laminate floor which looks great!

New, bypass closet doors completes the room!

(This will be Ruby's Room, but Scott and Becky will use it while their room is being renovated.)




Gregory said...

Wow...snazzy. Nothing like a fresh coat of paint to brighten things up. Is the floor new too? Looks great Jeff. See you this weekend!

Florence A. Dunbar said...

Nice! I agree with the white trim in the room instead of the dark brown...great choice! She will love this little sanctuary!

Lise said...

The room looks beautiful and the laminate floors are a great light shade. I love the green too, what's the name of it and where did you get it?

It turns out that our whole lower level is "green" now--except for my red wall--that is still red. Since we have painted the ceilings in both rooms the same color as the walls it looks well...green but oh, so lovely.

Anyway, back to your room I bet Becky and Scott and Ruby will enjoy it for years to come. Great job.

Love you, miss you, can't wait to see you.