Thursday, October 22, 2009

Lunch with Zoe...

I enjoyed a baby spinach salad with lightly grilled portabella mushroom and a hot cup of tea, while my littlest lunch guest sampled from everyones plate before giving the smashed sweet potatoes the thumbs-up!

Mom (Casey) savored baked haddock, which she asserted to our precious Zoe was 'chicken.' "Really, try a bite of chicken, honey." (She was not fooled!) And she also saw right through the quackery when "Dad" (Ben) insisted his soup and sandwich entree included 'pasta'. This adorable two-year-old was much too smart for any of their shenanigans!

Ben, Casey, Zoe, Emily and I enjoyed lunch at Geddy's - Bar Harbor locals spot for good eats.

I know... I know... you're saying "But where's a picture of Ben or Casey or Emily... right? Well, as the resident paparazzi (dubbed: 'Pep'arazzi by Becky,) I was distracted by this cute little starlet... ;-)


Lise said...

That Zoe IS a cutie--yes you are a lucky Pep for sure. How nice that Ben was able to visit you in Maine and bring Casey and Zoe too. Zoe seems dressed for the weather as well.

Is Geddys the same old Geddys (Pub) that was there back in my day?

Well, we love you and can't wait to see you!


JPT said...

Yes, Lise... it's the same Geddys when you where working in Bar Harbor... check out the website:

See you Friday. :-)