Thursday, June 18, 2009

Waiting for "Superman"...

(Have you ever noticed how some people will take a picture of just about anything?!?)

I was walking by this phone booth and noticed a Asian woman taking a picture. So, I thought, me too! I'm not sure what the attaction was, but I suddenly felt like I didn't want to be left behind.


Lise said...

Hi Wepp--

Glad to hear that your time will free up to post more often on your blog--I miss the pics every few days or so. Maybe the phone booth was such an interesting picture because they do no have or have never had such things in Asia? Or, just because with cell phones, there is no need for them anymore? The woman taking the picture probably had no clue what the heck it was!!

Love the way you messed with the color in the photo--makes the phone booth light up--like it's ringing or something!

Love you, miss you, take care of yourself!
Your favorite sister...duh...Lise xoxoxoxoxooxxo

JPT said...


What makes you think I "messed with the colors" in the photo? I mean, how do you know... for sure?

OK, so I may have 'tweaked' them a tiny bit... artistic license I guess.

Still, you're not alone in wondering, "who uses a phone booth these days?" I've never seen anyone in it (and I pass it several times a day.) I think that's the real novelty.

Instead of "Waiting for Superman..." the title of this blog should be "Waiting for the HULK!..." That green is pretty bright isn't it?

Love you!