Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Luna Park, Sydney


Lise said...

Hi Jeff--

Luna Park looks fun! Do you have any time in your busy schedule to go and play? I love the photo of the ferris wheel. And below of the architecture you see in Sydney--where does the infulence come from as it reminds me of something from New Orleans or something? I can't wait til you get back! Our kitchen may be well on its way to being totally remodeled! The floor too.

We miss you; I bet I speak for the family when I say thanks for continuing to post the pictures because it makes us feel connected to you and to where you are. Hey, have you had to buy winter clothes? As I recall, you left here with a fully stuffed backpack but you were equipped for summer.

Please post another picture of YOU!

The kids miss you. Tom, Will, and I took a little spin in the van a week ago; Tom had to charge the battery and is keeping it charged so it ran fine.

Love you, your favorite sister (duh!) Lise xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

Muriel said...

Hi Jeff
I'm back on computer in Maine at
Marcy's. Just viewed the Luna Park Photos! How does it compare with
Disney World?

Anxious to see you ..whenever that will be ..hope that Becky's baby arrives before we return to Fla.!!
Love you

JPT said...

Hi Lise and Mom...

I know my blog posts have been pretty anemic lately, but that's all about to change. My project for the American Chamber of Commerce is complete and I will have some free time to explore the city once again.

The Luna Park photos are taken in North Sydney on the waterfront. The small boardwalk park dates back to 1935 and is reminiscent of the Coney Island-style parks on the New York/New Jersey seashore in the early 1900s.

It is a Sydney waterfront historic landmark and is situated at the north end of the Harbour Bridge. A friend and I walked around the park one sunny afternoon, but did not venture on any of the rides. In the evening the park is aglow with thousands of carnival-style lights blinking like a Broadway marquee.

It's really quite pretty - but it's no Disney!

Love you!