Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Cuties from Fairfield...

I'm back in Fairfield... Yeah! I'll be here for the next two weeks. (Unless my little sister, Lise gets tired of me.... cross your fingers :-))

On Wednesday, February 4, I take off to Australia for a couple of months.
I'll fly from San Francisco to Sydney and then to Cairns on the northeast coast of the continent.
I will travel and explore the east coast from Cairns to Melbourne and if I'm not too tired after that, I'll venture into the outback.

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Anonymous said...

HAHA very funny Uncle Jeff!!! :-)))

Love you,

Greg said...

Sounds exciting....WAIT! You're not flying Oceanic, are you? Not f-f-f-flight 815, I hope!! Whatever you do, don't get (wait for it)... LOST!

The models are very photogenic...a big hug and a kiss from Uncle Greg and Aunt Jayne.