Tuesday, September 22, 2009

17 South Alpine St.


and After!

I've spent the past week painting at Becky and Scott's house. The 1980s Cape Cod-style house has two large dormered bedrooms (and a 3/4 bath) on the second level. The previous owners used this room as a kid's bedroom and it was painted in a bright "Green Eggs & Ham" green!

Apparently the little darlings had free-reign of the space and opted to decorated in a "poster motif" popular with adolescents. (That reminds me... Whatever happened to my Farrar Faucett poster?) There were hundreds of thumb tack holes, dozens of transparent tape corners and a small-ball's-worth of white Sticky-Tak® on all four walls!

On the slanted ceiling near the dormer, several names were scratched deep into the plaster, and opening the raised-panel stained pine door to the large closet revealed a baseball-sized hole in the sheetrock and some hieroglyphics created in a dark lead pencil.

The room was in need of a 'top to bottom', cosmetic makeover!

A pint of 'applies-pink-but-turns-white-when-dry' spackle; three rolls of 1" Scotch brand painters trim tape (in blue); five gallons of Glidden eggshell finish interior latex paint (White and #563 Haystack Yellow) and 50 hours later... the room was ready for the 'big reveal!'

This picture doesn't do the project justice.
(Click on the image above, take a deep whiff and think... "Ahhh. That clean new paint smell!)


Muriel said...

So that is what you have been up to!!
Remember the "checkerboard ceiling"
you painted in your bedroom ....
We had to REPLACE the ceiling!!

Your results do look nice! :)


JPT said...


You can't leave personal notes on this blog!
Especially when they're about me.

Besides, you didn't HAVE to replace that black and red checkerboard ceiling in my room... that 'designer' touch added value to the property. :-)

(Kids today... they're so rude.)

Love you too,

Gregory said...

Wow, not a red or black square anywhere in the room....I'm disappointed....(But there are more rooms to paint...)